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  • Overseas Employment Agency

    If you want to save your valuable time and hard-earned money with overseas manpower agency, you have come to the right place.

  • Best Recruitment Agency

    If you want to be placed in the Middle Eastern region with the best recruitment options available, according to your expertise and experience.

  • Recruitment Consutants

    We are very careful in maintaining our reputation as the incomparable manpower recruitment consultants in Pakistan.

  • Human Resource Consultants

    The people in human resource department are considered to be the best human resource consultants in Pakistan.

Oil and Gas

In Oil and Gas Sector we recruit engineers , managers , labors , riggers and as per requirements.

Construction Industry

In Construction Industries we recruit labors , supervisors , engineers , managers , loaders , heavy

equipment operators and as per requirements.


Medical Pharma

In medical and pharmaceutical industry we recruit professional chemical engineers , pharmacist , sales

& marketing managers , laboratory technicians and many more as per requirements.



In Agriculture industry we recruit baseline monitors , crop managers , climate analysts & experts ,

farmers , irrigators , harvesters , sowing workers , manures and many more as per requirements.


Tele Communication

In Telecom industry we recruit systems data installation engineers, software engineers, project

coordinator and many more as per requirements.


Food Manufacturing

In Food and beverages industry we recruit equipment operators , store & asst. store managers,

backers , supply chain managers and many more as per requirements.


Automobile Industry

In Automobile Industry we recruit automobile engineers , painters , mechanical engineers, electrical

engineers , programmers and many more as per requirements.

Airline Industry

In Airline Industry we recruit Ticketing staff , Senior /junior travel consultants , Airhostess , Ground

workers and as per requirements.

Power Generation

In Power Industries we recruit Electrical engineers , civil engineers , workers, mechanical engineers ,

plant designers and as per requirements.

Hotel Industry

In Hotel industry we recruit professional chiefs , waiters , managers , rooms service staffs and many

more as per requirements.

Information Technology

In Information technology industry we recruit Software developers , web developers , web designers ,

seo experts , content writers , database developers and many more as per requirements.


In Shipping Vessel we recruit loading / unloading labors , vessel/ship & heavy equipment operators ,

Ship crew , captains and as per requirements.

Transportation Industry

In transportation industry we recruit drivers , conductors , bushostess and many more as per requirements.

Health and Beauty

In Health and beauty industry we recruit Skin specialists , beauty experts , hair stylists , massagers ,

make artists and many more as per requirements.


Refrigeration Industry

In Refrigeration Industry industry we recruit compressor technicians , a/c technician , chiller technicians and

many more as per requirements.


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