Mawarid Manpower Solutions Company

Mawarid Manpower Solutions Company

Company Detail

Mawarid Manpower Solutions Company is one of the leading companies in the recruitment industry. The company is legally viewed as “a closed joint stock company”, which was registered by the ministry of labor No. 6/LLC dated 05/01/1434H.Our main mission represents in providing full outsourcing services including; consultation, proving visas, recruitment, payroll management, governmental services and personnel for both business and individual sectors through setting a well-established strategic partners globally.The company has satisfied the customers from various industries (Banks, construction, restaurants, hospitality, schools and many more) through its branches across in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.We have enabled our customers to be devoted to their main business and activities and took upon ourselves the management of the human element including recruitment and management. ​

Our Vision

Our aim is to become the pioneer company in the field of providing the manpower services, through the credibility in providing the best integrated solutions which exceed our customers› expectations by offering the manpower services at the lowest cost and in a recorded time.

Our Mission
  • Attracting the best foreign manpower cadres to work in individuals and business sectors inside the kingdom.
  • Provide support services to achieve our customers’ objectives and aspirations through matching between the required skills for each profession and the work nature as well as achieving the harmonization between the customer and the worker.
  • Contribute to raise the level of provided service in manpower and providing of professional services in the recruitment activity with the participation of the best overseas suppliers from different countries.
  • Raise the level of providing the highly efficient manpower services in consistent with the customs, traditions and values of the Saudi community and the employer’s interests.
  • Organize and maintain the rights and duties of our human resources which could contribute in providing the best overseas image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Share ideas with our customers to access to flexible solutions that serve to provide the best practices in manpower services.
  • Harness various resources and tools and to work dynamically to keep pace with the ongoing variables in labor market and work deeply on understanding the needs of the sectors we serve.
  • We seek to enable our customers to be devoted to conduct their business and planning thereon as we assume the responsibility to recruit and manage our human resources.
Our Goals
  • Establish a long term relationship with our customers, devoting our in-house capability and expertise in providing a professional management for human resources to the business and individuals sectors.
  • Continusly Conduct research in the Global Market and development processes, secure recruitment sources and incorporate an international and national company that support our stability through providing our services.
  • To serve as one of the main channels that provides manpower in accordance with local and international regulations.
  • Provide the best human competencies to our customers in collaboration with our international partners including recruitment agencies and offices in the targeted countries that meet the aspirations of our customers.
  • Take care of managing the human element efficiently in accordance with our religious values, the international norms to ensure the justice and to fulfill the recruited human cadres’ financial, health and labor rights.
  • To be a driving force behind the creation of a sustained and widespread economic future in the recruitment field in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Recruit the human resources at a low cost compare with the recruited manpower on the customer’s sponsorship directly at the lowest cost and in a record time.
Our Values
  • We seek the highest standards in labor relationships taking into account the Islamic Values and traditions.
  • Integrity and respect
  • Equality
  • To encourage the teamwork’s spirit
  • Ensure customers’ satisfaction
  • Commitment to the highest quality standard
  • Achievement
  • Transparency
  • Inclusiveness ​