Payroll Staffing

Faced with financial hardships, organizations globally
are resorting to extreme cost-cutting measures in order to sustain. These
measures include slashes in budgets, trimming of perks and benefits, and in the
worst case scenarios, downsizing.

To cope with the challenge, many businesses are trying
and succeeding in the outsourcing model. The Human Resources functions,
especially, are the ones that can easily be outsourced to save huge costs without
disturbing a company’s core operations.

In Pakistan and the Middle East too, HR and Payroll
outsourcing is becoming a norm for small, medium, and big businesses to save
costs as an alternative to employing their own HR staff. And Al Saqib Group is the
industry’s leader in HR Consultants & Payroll Outsourcing Services in these markets.

What is HR

Like any other type of outsourcing, HR Outsourcing is a
contractual agreement of a business with a third party to carry out certain
parts of the job at a lower cost than employing its own HR staff. However, HR
Outsourcing is not always to cut costs. Larger organizations may opt to
outsource part of their HR function such as HR & Benefits Administration,
Payroll or Recruitment, allowing their in-house HR team to concentrate on more
strategic activities.

How Outsourcing
Cuts Cost

When organizations outsource parts of their HR
activities, they don’t have to employ their own HR staff which saves them big
money in salaries and perks. Besides, with a professional HR & Payroll
Outsourcing partner like Al Saqib Group, they get a better performance than they
would with their own staff. In addition, outsourcing brings perfection to HR
functions which also cause companies to gain more out of less money.

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