Saudi Intelligent Solutions – SIS

Saudi Intelligent Solutions - SIS

Company Detail

For over 4 years, SIS Group grown to become one of the largest locally grown owned specialist IT&T recruitment companies in the Middle East. SiS’s has global reach which enables or consultants and recruiters to service clients and candidates worldwide through our office in Riyadh. Through our unique delivery model, our customer/clients enjoy SiS’s service across all regions of the Kingdom, GCC and the Middle East.

Driven by a commitment to delivering optimal outcomes, SiS maintains a broad perspective of sourcing to continually look at how we can apply our expertise to the strategic benefit of our clients. The objective of SiS is to not only deliver the best possible candidates in the market, but also maximize the level of confidence that all possibilities have been adequately explored.

Our delivery model combines Expert Recruiters who ensure that a consistently high level of service is provided to each of our client accounts, with consultants who are trained professionals in their respective technical areas to maximize the outcomes we can deliver to prospective and respective clients.

Our processes for evaluation and selection of candidates are always developed to complement our client’s current and future business needs, as establish performance bench marks of the true economic value that we will deliver over the duration of the relationship with the client.

Reasons to Choose us


  • To be the premier supplier of technical and professional services to the top companies in Saudi Arabia.
  • Retain and build upon our reputation for quality and ethics.